Sunnyside Village Cohousing, Schemata Workshop and Green Canopy NODE partner to create an intentional cohousing community

SEATTLE, August 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Amid humanity’s heightened awareness of the pitfalls of social isolation, residential cohousing projects are gaining momentum as a response to postmodern loneliness. Located between Marysville and Stevens Lake, a new type of intentional community is advancing: Sunnyside Village Cohousing. Green Canopy NODE is proud to join architectural firm Schemata Workshop in helping Sunnyside Village Cohousing develop the 4.75 acre project.

“Loneliness can be a result of the built environment,” says Grace Kim, principal architect at Schemata Workshop. “It is the intentionality that distinguishes cohabitation from other types of housing models,” she adds. Sunnyside Village spaces are organized to foster easy neighbor interactions outside of private homes, bringing people together through collaboration and a love of nature.

More than just a house, Sunnyside Village will be a community for life. The project has 32 self-contained chalets – ranging from 1,000 to 1,200 square feet – and 64 centralized parking spaces to avoid traffic congestion disrupting harmony with nature. Shared spaces include a 3,350 square foot communal house with home office spaces, a children’s bedroom, and a kitchen, to name a few. Characteristic of the community is the vastness of outdoor green spaces – community garden, orchard and orchard – to facilitate meaningful connection and build social capital. The organic produce harvested should contribute to the three weekly community meals that residents will prepare and share together.

While Sunnyside Village Cohousing is currently in the pre-development phase, future residents are already sharing their excitement about living there, as an “antidote to the isolation of modern life” and for its powerful “sense of transition , to a different place, at a different pace.” This intentional community expects to transcend traditional cohabitation and make decisions together aligned with their shared love for the natural environment.

Likewise, the green building ethic is the foundation for bringing together Schemata Workshop, Sunnyside Village Cohousing and Green Canopy NODE – to make better decisions for the community and the planet. Green Canopy NODE brings its consulting expertise to the project, contributing to conceptual design, risk analysis and, most importantly, helping the community achieve its goals.

Ultimately, cohabitation is about finding a more connected way of life – people with people and people with the planet. Green Canopy NODE shares this mission to help regenerate communities and environments. The company offers its development services to support determined developer clients of multi-unit residential projects at any stage – pre-development, architecture, construction management and consultancy.

About Green canopy NODE: Green Canopy NODE is a mission-driven construction technology, real estate development and fund management company. Throughout its history, it has sought to embrace the innovation needed to change the current housing development paradigm and deliver on its commitment to help regenerate communities and environments. The company works with its customers and investors to develop high-performance, ecological, fully electric and healthy housing. Green Canopy NODE is also an experienced fund manager. The firm has successfully managed four real estate funds totaling over $70 million in assets under management and over 200 investor accounts. Financial and impact returns were aligned with investor expectations.

About Diagrams Workshop: Schemata Workshop is an architecture and urban design practice that empowers people and their communities. The company designs with integrity, believing in honest and expressive use of materials and always preferring local sources and production. The team approaches each project with a design philosophy focused on creating ecologically, economically and socially sustainable architecture that enhances the resilience of communities.

About Sunnyside Village Cohabitation: Sunnyside Village is a cohousing community with a strong emphasis on its organic garden. Residents will live in 32 cottages (1000-1200 square feet) and share ownership of a common house (3000 square feet) for community activities and shared meals. Members own their homes and the land on which they are built. As a community in formation, their mission is to create a cohabiting community of diverse people who share a vision and values ​​- solidarity, sustainability and democracy.

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