Summer Thoughts and December Dreams

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…one of the most natural things seems to be to wish the weather was what it is not at the time…too much heat and we dream of cool weather and snow…too much snow and cold and we dream of summer time with hot days. So here we are at the end of August and I’m dreaming of winter scenes,

Above is a photo of the northeast corner of Airport Mesa looking down Long Canyon across much of West Sedona. The entrance is flanked on the left side by Thunder Mountain and Coffee Pot Rock and on the right by Wilson Mountain which is shrouded in clouds…a great day to dream of unless it really is December and you are there.

Below is a photo of the west side of Mount Wilson…love the detail of the wind sculpted snow on the side of the mountain. I was much closer to the mountain than that, but had to walk away to take the picture and then back up the mountain and run closer to the incline.

I think I’ll take some photos of the August heat to remember what I’ll wish for in December 🙂

Have a nice day,


Whatever else you do or refrain from,
set yourself the task of happiness;
and from time to time let yourself go
to the joy of laughter.

And no matter how much you condemn
evil in the world, remember that the
the world is not all bad; that somewhere
children play, like yourself in the
old days; that women still find joy
in the valiant hearts of men;

And that men, walking with restless feet
their many paths, can still find refuge
from the storms of the world in merriment
house of love.

Whatever Else You Do, by Max Ehrmann

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