SAJ offers well-received public speaking workshop | Dispatch

On Thursday, the Shipping Association of Jamaica (SAJ) held a successful workshop on public speaking and presentation skills at its Newport West headquarters in Kingston.

The skills-based seminar was presented by award-winning journalist Janella Precius, who guided participants through a series of activities aimed at building confidence, interacting with an audience and improving their delivery. Precius, focusing on their respective performances, provided methods – to include practical storytelling techniques and effective use of body language – that can be used to prepare them for various speaking opportunities.

Participants, representing interests in shipping, finance, manufacturing and communications, shared overwhelmingly positive responses for the course presented.

Danah Cameron, group public relations manager for Jamaica Broilers Group, said she was there because “it was important to me to put together tools that would ensure consistent delivery, not just for me, but for my team members.

“Today’s takeaway was amazing. Coming from a public speaking background, it’s interesting how we take things for granted, where we look, what’s our tone of voice, what’s our body language, our posture It was nice to have a reminder today of all the things that matter, how connecting with people is really what you focus on when giving a speech of any kind whether it be.

Account Executive at ECU Worldwide, Meisha Richardson, added: “I really wanted the opportunity to hone my own skills, to be comfortable expressing myself in the professional space. Today we had a great practice. I really thought we were just going to sit down, hide behind a PowerPoint (and) my laptop, get some work done, but it was very engaging and the activities got us all practicing the areas we struggle with work. I appreciate that it’s a hands-on, hands-on experience.

Andrea Forbes-Brown, an assistant accountant at the Jamaica Maritime Authority, said her goal in enrolling in the course was to improve her public speaking skills. “The challenge I had, which was taken up, is to be relaxed,” Forbes-Brown said, “and I have ideas about how I should relax during my presentations.”

The advice, which she will also employ, to anyone having trouble speaking in public with confidence is to “practice and be consistent.”

The workshop is SAJ’s first in-person delivery since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, following several webinars, including project management, hazmat response training and Microsoft Excel, since the start of the year.

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