Photographer Jason Gallagher’s Live Shots Are Outstanding

Photographer Jason Gallagher, who currently lives outside Omagh but grew up in Tempo, has a huge interest in music, which is evident in his photography.

Attending local concerts, he skillfully captures the rawness and passion of mid-performance musicians, which becomes even more striking with his editing, often choosing to depict his subjects in high contrast monochrome.

Here he talks to The Impartial Reporter about his background in photography, the equipment he uses and his photographic style.

Are you a full-time photographer or do you also have another profession?

I AM currently a semi-professional photographer.

Are you self-taught or have you completed a course / diploma in photography?

I STUDYED photography as part of the Creative Media Production Foundation diploma at South West College, Omagh between 2011-2014.

When did you first discover your interest in photography?

MY FIRST exposure to photography was when I was a child. My aunt let me help her develop photographs in the darkroom of the photography studio where she worked.

I occasionally bought a camera in the years that followed, but it wasn’t until I studied photography that I really found out I was interested in it.

I have been encouraged to continue photography by family, friends and comments from people I have worked with.

What inspires your photography?

I AM inspired by a lot of internationally renowned photographers, but I also find a lot of inspiration in the work that is created by local photographers.

What’s your favorite photo so far?

MY FAVORITE PHOTO changes from day to day, but it’s usually a photograph that captured the moment.

Which photograph are you most proud of?

I AM PROUD of the photographs that people have used for their profile pictures on social media or that people have printed to preserve a memory.

What type of camera / equipment do you use?

I USE a Canon 600D that I have had for about eight years. It’s a very reliable camera that has served me well. I have three lenses – an 18-55mm lens, a 75-200mm lens, and a 50mm lens.

I also use a Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlite which is useful for shooting live groups.

I’m currently editing my photos on my phone with Snapseed or Adobe Lightroom, via a USB-C adapter and a USB cable.

How would you describe your photographic style?

MY PHOTOGRAPHY style can fluctuate, but I often enjoy editing black and white photos.

What is your favorite subject and why?

I TAKEN PHOTOS in a variety of genres in an attempt to become a complete photographer.

However, I really enjoy taking pictures of musicians because I have a great interest in music.

I love going to concerts, and the musicians I have worked with also really appreciate the work I do.

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