Photographer / Barrel Racer Says State Took Their Opossum

– Barrel runner, boudoir photographer, social media star and unofficial wildlife rehabilitator pleads for the life of his “baby,” a 4-year-old possum with bone disease. To be clear, it’s quite a person. The person is Matt Mathews. The possum is Donovan. To say it’s a lot to unwrap never covers it.’s Ivana Hrinkiw tells the world the story of Matthews and his struggle to bring home his beloved friend.

Mathews is best known as a photographer and Instagram star with over 56,000 followers. He also has a popular YouTube channel, where he shares tips for taking better photos. He describes himself as “a photographer, an entrepreneur, an educator, a coffee addict and an animal lover, and a mess all around”, and adds that he is a three-time World Qualifying Barrel Runner in his bio Insta, although he notes in Matthews was working in his boudoir photography studio on Friday when her husband called him to tell him that there were four wardens from the Department of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division. Alabama Conservation and Natural Resources.

“Why did you need four guards?” Why did you need three vehicles to circle my house, when I have a possum that does nothing wrong? Said Mathews. In a Facebook post, Matthews said he couldn’t legally rehabilitate Donovan, or any possum, because Alabama views animals as vectors of rabies. However, possums do not carry rabies.

Matthews said he took Donovan four years ago after someone saw the animal struggling to walk by the side of the road. Donovan suffers from metabolic bone disease and would die without treatment, which is why he never released him. Mathews told that Donovan only drinks water with a drop of honey, likes low-fat strawberry yogurt, can only eat from a certain angle, and cannot see well or relieve himself without aid. Mathews has declared Donovan his “baby”, but he doesn’t ask for it to be returned to him, just to be reassured that he’s okay. He fears that he has already been euthanized. He said he wanted Donovan to go to Opossum Pocket Shrine to end his days – Donavan is at the end of his lifespan of about four years. And he hopes his social media presence can put pressure on Alabama to make it easier to get a license as a wildlife rehabilitator. (Read more weird stories.)

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