Meet four local photographers you will definitely want to follow on Instagram

Sarasota is home to some great views and beautiful people, so it’s no surprise that Instagram and Facebook are always filled with new photos of the area. But who are the people behind the camera, who do everything they can to show our city? Meet four different photographers whose work you’ve probably seen on your Instagram feed.


Casey DiGiovanni got into aerial photography under crazy circumstances. After investing thousands of dollars in good camera gear, someone stole it from their car. Instead of buying all that gear again, he bought a drone so he could continue taking pictures. In the end, it seems to have worked out for the best.

“With the drone, being able to see things from different angles is unique and amazing. It’s like you’re flying for a minute, ”says DiGiovanni. His aerial shots often focus on the beach, one of his favorites. “I was born and raised in Sarasota and I [the photography] to show off the best of the region. DiGiovanni currently has more than 5,400 followers on Instagram, a number he is working to increase. He says he plans to make short videos instead of just pictures.

To see her work, check out her Instagram: @chasingthedronelife.


Spouses Jessica and Jordan Chaplinsky run Everence Photography. While the two take great photos of just about everything, they are best known for their work at weddings. Jessica Chaplinksy knew weddings were going to be a specialty for the business the first time she brought her husband to one.

“Her images blew me away,” she says. “After her first marriage, I said to her, ‘We do all the weddings together. “” She says the two are always on the lookout for ‘beautiful details’ and strive to capture memories honestly, making sure the photos look the best. like they do in real life.

Everence has over 8,700 Instagram followers, for which Jessica Chaplinsky is grateful, but knows that’s not all. “I think more about the content, not the subscribers,” she says. “I try to post work that is beautiful and showcases Sarasota.”

To see their work, visit @everencephotography on Instagram or Facebook.


Dan MacKinnon started photographing Sarasota because of his passion for the area. When he moved here, he “fell absolutely in love” with the “gem of a city,” he says.

As a real estate agent, taking pictures was a creative outlet that allowed him to share the place he loved with others. MacKinnon has numerous Instagram and Facebook accounts featuring Sarasota, Nokomis and other surrounding areas, but his most famous account is @allsarasota, which has over 9,000 followers on Instagram.

“ALL stands for A Local Life,” says MacKinnon. “There are all these magical little places hidden in Sarasota County that aren’t even explored. I always try to take a different perspective … [the picture] from an unexpected angle or think outside the box. He says he really enjoyed getting to know both the landscape and the community of Sarasota, and that hopes to put a smile on those who view his photos while introducing them to new places to explore.


Lisa Clark fell in love with photographing children after photographing her own. After her friends and family started asking her for help with family photoshoots, Clark knew she wanted to pursue photography, especially working with newborns.

“The joy of having just those first two weeks then [the clients] have it forever, ”says Clark. “I just think time flies so quickly. … I want to capture this fleeting moment of their growth. Clarks says she loves working newborns and the biggest compliment she can get is a comparison to Anne Getty. Clark’s studio is full of outfits, accessories, backdrops and accessories, everything you need to take the perfect shot.

” It’s an art. That’s what’s so cool about this job, ”says Clark. “I can constantly evolve and change and try new things. Clark currently has over 13,000 followers on Instagram. To see his work, find @lisaclarkphotography on Instagram or visit his Facebook page.

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