Kelly Clarkson teams up with this beloved artist for a duet!

Kelly Clarkson is no longer ‘Miss. Independent’ when it comes to collaborating with fellow artists!

The first “American Idol” winner continues to take her music career to new heights two decades into her career. Lately, the “Already Gone” singer has been making headlines and catching the attention of music fans with her “Kellyoke” releases!

The “Kelly Clarkson Show” host has started delighting fans with her versions of popular and legendary songs on her hit talk show (per Country Living), and she won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

Clarkson’s “Kellyoke” segment has become a life in its own right, and the successes she’s had so far have greatly influenced her career.

“Kellyoke” Makes Listeners “Happier Than Ever!”


Recently, The Blast touched on one of Clarkson’s popular “Kellyoke” covers and detailed the influence the recent pop hit has had on Clarkson’s career and how it has resonated with her personally as well.

Clarkson put her own spin on Billie Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever,” which was released last year and served as the title track for her second album.

“That song, I’m sure, means a whole bunch of different things to her,” Clarkson said, of “Happier Than Ever,” “And it’s her world and why she wrote it. But the domino effect of it coming out and how it affects so many other people, because those are the songs when you’re completely honest and you’re angry and you’re sad and you’re hurt,” he said. she added, “And all of those things, that equation makes for the best songs. So, I’m just browsing through what I’m comfortable releasing,” Clarkson concluded.

“Happier Than Ever” isn’t the only song that inspired the beauty of “Breakaway.” She released a cover EP of “Kellyoke” earlier this summer, which includes covers from bands like Radiohead and legendary ’70s singer Linda Ronstadt. (via Today).

Clarkson enjoys more musical milestones!

Kelly Clarkson

2022 has been filled with professional triumphs for Clarkson.

Not only did she have great success with her “Kellyoke” segments, but she also got to honor one of music’s greatest figures of the last century at the ACM Awards earlier this winter.

In February, Clarkson helped celebrate the legacy of the one and only Dolly Parton when she paid tribute at the ceremony.

She commemorated the special event on Instagram at the time, to which Parton responded!

Clarkson and Parton team up for a new version of THAT classic song!

Clarkson’s tribute to Parton won’t be the last time she pays tribute to Parton’s legacy this year!

The duo will release a duet of Parton’s 1980 work anthem “9 To 5” on September 9. Clarkson shared an announcement earlier today on Instagram, revealing that fans can pre-register the song now.

Country singer and producer Shane McAnally, (whom Clarkson thanked in his post), also shared the announcement on his Instagram and revealed some information about the genesis of the collaboration!

“A few years ago my friends Gary and Larry called me about a documentary they were making about 40 years since the debut of the movie ‘9 to 5’, and the effects it he had on women’s rights,” McAnally wrote, “There was an idea to re-imagine the song ‘9 to 5’ and they asked me if I’d be interested in working on it. Dolly Parton on ‘Forever Country’ and the possibility of working with her again seemed too good to be true…” he detailed.

Parton’s reaction to the reimagining of her classic song was overwhelmingly positive, so much so that she recruited one of her superstar friends to join in on the experience!

McAnally went on to detail “Little did we know Dolly would like it so much that she wouldn’t just sing on it, she would get Kelly Clarkson to sing on it too. I don’t need to tell anyone how deep my love for Kelly is. She’s not only the best singer I’ve worked with or known, she’s one of the best people.

The trailer for “Still Working 9 To 5” can be viewed below!

Still Working 9 to 5 Teaser by Mighty Fine on Vimeo.

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