In the neighborhood we got all that jazz

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…Jazz being a friend chat down the street and he gave me a few photo opportunities while I was chatting with Doug on my walk the other night. Jazz is a beautiful creature and has given chase to some of the local bobcats…obviously he had heard of One’s exploits.

I’m busy collecting photos of Katie as she takes up more and more space in our house… the composition process will be a bit longer as all of her photos will be taken indoors… I have a few- ones that I kinda like… maybe tomorrow night I’ll finish one that can come out.

Below is a photo I took yesterday afternoon at Rainbow Trout Farm canyon. Our friend Osprey had just come out of the water with his evening meal. There is a kind of water loop just at the tip of her right wing facing us and this was caused by a very rapid flapping of the wing tip which caused the phenomenon. Things happen quickly once an osprey dives in and out of the water with talons sunk deep in its dinner for the day…looks like a good meal.

All trout farm fish are raised in pure spring water and held to be fished in spring fed ponds…they are never in Oak Creek water…just the same pure artisanal spring water that is bottled and sold as Purely Sedona water.

In another new week… I think it will be a very special week… Here I am and I breathe! Smile and share your joy with those you meet and greet.



A bird flies in the sky and I fly with it. I’m in
each bead of moisture glistening in the sun. i lie lazy
on the clouds. And I acknowledge my kinship with
every winged thing.

excerpt from On A May Morning by Max Ehrmann



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