Famed Fort Worth Real Estate Photographer Trey Freeze Joins Williams Trew

There are many facets to selling a home. Trey Freeze of the Martha Williams Group at Williams Trew Real Estate knows more than one.

Having worked in real estate for over two decades and established himself as one of Fort Worth’s most respected real estate photographers, Freeze has resumed his license and is ready to put his wealth of knowledge and experience to use.

“There are so many real estate agents out there, and everyone knows seven to 10 real estate agents, so thinking about what sets me apart is having been in so many homes and having such a large network of real estate agents with whom I have excellent relationships,” said Freeze.

How did you start in real estate photography?

Trey Freeze: So I had my license for 22 years. I had it very early in Austin when I was there for school, so I was always into real estate. I continued and did other things earlier in my career.

When I moved back to Fort Worth to be closer to my family, I was looking for something where I could be creative while having a business. I loved real estate and creativity. I asked a friend in real estate if he used photographers, and he said “yes”. He said to me, “If you find out, I guarantee people will use you.”

I bought the camera gear and taught myself on YouTube. I approached Martha Williams and asked her if she would give me a chance, and she said “absolutely!” She really liked my original work, so she started using me, and all the agents under her started using me.

Just a sampling of Trey Freeze’s extensive portfolio (Picture: Trey Freeze Photography)
Photo: Trey Freeze Photography

What was your motivation to reactivate your license?

Freeze: I’ve been doing photography for 14 years and work for most of the top agents in Fort Worth and out west. They always asked me questions about prices and what I thought of the house.

For years, they talked to me about real estate. I just have a unique perspective because I’ve been to so many houses over the years. I visited nearly 7,500 homes to take pictures. I just thought, Got such a unique perspective, I need to get back to it.

I looked for the right opportunity to get back into real estate and saw the market begin to normalize again. I just thought, now is the perfect time for me. I kind of had the opportunity to reinvent myself. I can now create the life I want for my son, and I can do it for my clients too.

These people are starting new chapters in their lives, and that’s what excites me the most: helping people start a new chapter. I’m an empathetic person and I understand what people are going through, and I’m excited to help people make that transition.

What do you remember from Williams Trew?

Freeze: I joined Martha Williams’ team at Williams Trew. Martha is one of Fort Worth’s most respected and active real estate agents. And she’s one of the nicest, most down-to-earth people in the world. I worked with her for so long [taking pictures], and I had such a good relationship with her and her assistant, I knew she would be the first one I asked. I asked her, and she said, “I’d love to have you on my team,” and it was just kind of a sign.

For me, it’s really about who is the most respected and who does the most business, and that’s her. And William Trew has been in business for a long time and is well respected in town.

Trew Williams’ Martha Williams Band (Photo: Trey Freeze)

Do you also like other forms of photography?

Freeze: I do. I really like taking pictures of animals. If I ever photograph a farm or a ranch, I am drawn to horses, or even cows and donkeys. I don’t know what I like about horses, but I like taking pictures of them and being with them.

Some landscapes also please me a lot. For example, if I go out and there is a very nice sunset, I photograph it.

What other hobbies do you enjoy besides real estate?

Freeze: I have always been involved in music. I come from a long line of musicians. I play guitar and mandolin. I go to a lot of concerts, and away from work, I try to be around the music as much as possible.

I also try to spend as much time as possible with my son, whether it’s playing basketball or going to the park or the lake.

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