EC holds workshop on social media monitoring ahead of polls in Punjab

With social media becoming a new challenge, the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Punjab hosted a workshop for all District Public Relations Officers (DPROs) on “Social Media Monitoring” on Friday to help them counter the bogus news and identify pay-off news during the upcoming Punjab Assembly Election.

Dr Rubal Kanozia, Assistant Professor at the Central University of Bathinda was the workshop’s keynote speaker. Kanozia is a disinformation and fake news researcher and also a social media analyst.

During the workshop, PDG S Karuna Raju reviewed the ongoing systematic voter education and voter participation activities with the DPROs in their respective districts.

He also called on the DPROs to sensitize as many people as possible about their voting rights not only by using conventional media such as indoor and outdoor advertisements and press briefings, but also by urging them to make optimal use of media platforms. social.

Kanozia then informed the DPROs about various social media tips and tools, which will help them control fake news, viral and paid on different social media platforms during the election.

Notably, DPROs play a vital role in the Media Certification and Monitoring Committees (MCMCs) formed during elections to monitor news in newspapers, electronic media, and social media.

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