Drones Take Travel Photography to New Heights: Award-Winning Snaps Unveiled

The Drone Photo Awards 2021 just announced its winners and we’ve taken a peek to find the highlights of the photography that transports you to another place at all times.

Some of this year’s dazzling shots include austere winter scenes, traditional cultural practices, and jubilant outdoor events.

Metaphorical statement about the city and winter

This stunning photo by Sergei Poletaev captures a 500-year-old monastery in the Moscow region with a power plant towering above it.

The tongue-in-cheek title draws attention to its symbolism and gives the image an extra layer of Russian charm.

This photo ranked 1st in the ‘Urban’ category


This photo of a football field in the fishing village of Henningsvær, in the archipelago of northern Norway, contrasts the lush artificial turf and the glacial freshness of the winter landscape.

Photographer Nando Harmsen asks the viewer: “Would you dare to play here?

This photo classified very appreciated in the category ‘Urban’

Frozen pleasure

Another beautiful urban image of Russia, Sergey Farenyuk’s Ferris Wheel photo in Moscow’s Izmailovsky Park tells an immediate story as the amusement park ride remains static during the deep cold of the Russian winter.

One of the largest parks in Moscow, Izmailovsky Park sprawls into a forest on the edge of town and has other fun activities including shuffle boarding and a 5D cinema.

This classified photo recommended in the ‘Urban’ category

Bad buddy!

John Cowpland captures the moment a cyclist is caught going against the tide at the annual meeting Big easy cycling event in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

The Big Easy is hailed by its organizers as “the ultimate antidote to all those serious lycra laden cycling events happening across the country.”

This photo classified very appreciated in the category ‘Sport’

Festival of the two dragons

Ming Li captures the moment when two dragon dance teams pray together in a 700-year-old tulou in Nanjing, China.

A tulou is a traditional hakka communal residence that is traditionally found in the Fujian region of China. These earthen houses are circular multi-storey buildings that overlook a central courtyard. A whole clan would historically live inside a tulou, where the building would function as a village unit.

Taken during the Spring Festival or Chinese New Year, the photo is a colorful combination of Chinese customs and heritage.

This classified photo recommended in the ‘Sport’ category

Prayer for souls

Phu Khanh Bui’s photo details Vietnamese tradition where women wear ‘Ao Dai’ costumes to release colorful lanterns and flower garlands. This ritual is part of a festival to pray for happiness and good luck for their families.

The festival takes place on the full moon in July in cities like Hanoi and Hoi An, famous for their lush streams and lakes.

This photo classified highly recommended in the “People” category

Floating people

Raf Willems captures a scene of people attending a concert while floating in inner tubes.

He took the photo during Country in the Cove, a Las Vegas music festival he attended in 2018.

This classified photo recommended in the ‘People’ category

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