Bruce Lee 3D art pays homage to iconic martial artist

Two 3D images offer a whole new take on one of the world’s most beloved celebrities and martial arts stars, Bruce Lee, aka The Dragon.

Iconic martial artist and movie star Bruce lee was honored with two new 3D artwork. From the very early stages of his remarkable but ultimately short-lived career, Lee was impossible to ignore. Although born in San Francisco, Lee spent most of his childhood in Hong Kong before returning to the United States with the dream of succeeding as a martial arts teacher. Eventually, he developed a new style of martial arts which he called Jeet Kune Do, whose tastes were based on a hybrid of kung fu and street fighting techniques.

Over time, Lee achieved his goal of teaching martial arts to anyone keen to learn, a business that drew criticism from fellow Chinese practitioners who thought Lee shouldn’t be teaching the skills to non-students. Chinese. After overcoming this hurdle with his typical flair and perseverance, Lee continued to gain recognition in Hollywood, but he soon found that breaking down the racial and cultural barriers of the film and television industry of the time was not an easy task. Frustrated by the limitations placed on him, Lee decided to accept an offer to make a martial arts film in Hong Kong. As it found rapid success in this film industry, Hollywood’s interest was piqued. Sadly, Lee’s life and career were cut short when he passed away suddenly in 1973 at the age of 32.


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In the years since Lee’s untimely death, his fame and recognition have reached astonishing levels. Although he never had the chance to truly make a movie career in Hollywood, the Chinese-American movie star is arguably the most instantly recognized celebrity in the world today. Next year marks the 50e anniversary of his death and while this date will undoubtedly elicit many tributes to Lee’s life and career, fans have always appreciated and excelled in creating tributes to Lee no matter what time or place . The latest example is of impressive 3D artwork, courtesy of artist @rafagrassetti. Check out the two captivating works below:

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Obviously, the legend of Bruce Lee will continue to be an exciting topic for many no matter the time. The sheer volume of memories and tributes paid to the late star is a stunning testament to this fame. Yet at the same time, Lee’s staunch devotees go far beyond mere fans of his films expressing their gratitude. Perhaps this is because the martial arts star expressed philosophies about life and self-confidence that came to be completely sincere and not flippant or pretentious. Lee was a celebrity who didn’t behave like a celebrity was supposed to behave, and his unique talents were as endearing as he was.

Three-dimensional art like the one above serves to keep a certain image of Bruce lee alive – an image that has been around for decades and still looks so fresh. It is truly remarkable that after so many years Lee’s status as a preeminent action hero and martial arts star hasn’t wavered in the slightest. It’s especially impressive when you consider how little Lee’s life and times have been seen on the big screen over the years. The last time fans received a full biopic was in 1993 with Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, and as many people would no doubt agree, it’s time for a new exploration of her life.

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Source: Raf Grassetti / Instagram

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