Brazilian photographer wins world’s largest photography award for portrait of covid doctor

Ary Bassous – “Homework”

This is the winning photograph of the HIPA “Humanity” Photography Awards. Photographed by Brazilian photographer Ary Bassous, it shows Dr Juliana Ribeiro after 8 hours of continuous work in the Covid-19 emergency room. The picture is an intimate moment in a day experienced by so many healthcare professionals over the past 18 months and you can clearly see the fatigue and emotional cost etched on her face as well as the deep grooves from wearing her nursing clothes. protection for so long.

What grabs you is the hint of sadness on her face as she feels the pain for humanity as deaths in Brazil have passed half a million people due to the pandemic.

– Ary Bassous

The photo was taken in the Clementino Fraga Velho University Hospital in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Bassous received the Grand Prize of $ 120,000.

Many of the winning entries depicted all too familiar scenes from the last 18 months of the pandemic and show a strong journalistic element. However, other winning entries show other moving scenes from the Beirut Port Explosion, a sea rescue of migrants in the Mediterranean, and in the portfolio category, impactful aerial photographs of the Arctic and Antarctic. as they experience climate change.

“Humanity is the most important thing a goal can capture, and the winners have expressed it in loud and varied ways.” said Judge Gary Knight, “Photographing other lovers, in crisis, or exploring other people’s lives is one of the most special things we can do as photographers.

Here is a selection of some of the other winning images from the competition.

1st place: Mads Nissen – Denmark “Hugs to survive”

First place in the Humanity category went to Mads Nissen from Denmark for her heartwarming image depicting Rosa Luzia Lonardi, 85, hugged by her nurse. Nissen says it was the first hug Rosa had received in 5 months due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Brazilian nursing home created a “curtain of hugs” that provided residents with vital physical contact with loved ones and volunteers.

2nd place: Ilhan Kilinc – Turkey “Embrace”

Ilhan Kilinc from Turkey won the 2nd prize for his photography which also addresses the pandemic. The picture shows “the profound extent of the psychological impact inflicted on healthcare workers ”as they were unable to interact with family members and especially their own children at the end of a long working day in Covid-19 services.

3rd place: Marc Abou Jaoude – Lebanon “Blast Scars”

Third place features a Lebanese truck driver standing amid the aftermath of the Beirut port explosion, two days after being caught in the blast, with a scene of apocalyptic devastation in the background. Marc Abou Jaoude said he had “the chance to live and witness another day”.

4th place: Fabrizio Maffei – Italy “Great hopes”

“High Hopes” by Italian photographer Fabrizio Maffei shows the moment a migrant was rescued by the coast guard after the ship sank in the Mediterranean. Maffei writes that “Although the day is coming to an end and in the freezing cold, the rescue team did not stop until the end.”

Black and white: 1st place Giuseppe Cocchieri – Italy “Social distance”

Color: 1st Place: Sameer Al-Doumy – France “Destination Finale”

Portfolio: 1st Place: Florian Ledoux – France “Above the polar regions”

Now in the 10th season, the HIPA Awards (Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Prize) attracted nearly half a million entries from 203 different countries. The other winning entries can be viewed on the HIPA website.

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