Announcement of the Ocean Photographer of the Year 2021

by Jeremy Gray

published on Sunday, September 19, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. EDT

The winners of the 2021 Ocean Photography Awards have been announced. The competition is organized by Oceanographic review and the competition aims to highlight the beauty of the ocean and the way it is attacked through powerful imagery.

Photographer Aimee Jan, Australian tour guide and photographer, won the Grand Prize for Ocean Photographer of the Year. Jan’s winning image of a sea turtle surrounded by glass fish was captured at Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia. For his win, Jan receives £ 2,500, a 5-day Instagram takeover of SeaLegacy’s Instagram feed with 2.2 million followers, exposure, feature in Oceanographic review and more.

Image by Aimee Jan / Ocean Photography Awards. Grand Prize Winner and “Ocean Photographer of the Year”.

Regarding her winning image, Jan said: “We were snorkeling at the back of the reef when one of my friends from work called me to tell me there was a turtle under a ledge in a shoal. of glass fish, about 10 meters down. When I dove in to look, the fish separated perfectly around the turtle and that’s what I saw. I told him, ‘I think I just took the best picture I ever took.’

Other awards include the Collective Portfolio Award, Ocean Conservation Photographer of the Year, Ocean Exploration Photographer of the Year, Ocean Adventure Photographer of the Year, Young Ocean Photographer of the year, the Community Choice Award and the new Female Fifty Fathoms Award. You can see some of these winning images below. To view all of the winning images, visit the Ocean Photography Awards website. If you’re in London, an exhibition of the winners is taking place along the River Thames near Tower Bridge until October 17.

Image courtesy of Henley Spiers / Ocean Photography Awards. The second place.

Image by Matty Smith / Ocean Photography Awards. Third place.

Image courtesy of Ben Thouard / Ocean Photography Awards. Adventure photographer of the year.

Image by Hannah Le Leu / Ocean Photography Awards. Young photographer of the year.

Image by Renee Capozzola / Ocean Photography Awards. Women’s Fifty Fathoms Award

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