90 Day Fiancé Fans Question Big Ed’s Photography Skills

90 Day Fiancé fans are questioning the legitimacy of Big Ed Brown’s career as a photographer, after his failed lesson with his fiancée Liz Woods.

90 day fiance fans doubt ‘Big’ Ed Brown’s photography skills after he showed them off on a recent episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?. Ed first appeared on 90 day fiancé: before 90 days season 4, when he traveled to the Philippines to meet his love Rosemarie Vega. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out between Ed and Rose, and he returned home heartbroken. later during 90 days: single life, however, Ed met Liz Woods whom he fell in love with and later proposed to.


Ed and Liz have now joined the cast of Happy forever? season 7, where they face trouble in the midst of their engagement. Ed and Liz lack the support of the majority of those close to them, including Ed’s mother Norma and his best friend Rich. Liz also struggles with jealousy, due to Ed’s photography job where he spends a lot of time with younger women. After Liz expressed her interest in photography to Ed, he decided to include her in one of his photo shoots with her friend so she could learn some techniques. However, Liz felt that Ed was only using the opportunity to show off instead of teaching her anything.

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After Ed’s photography lesson, fans on Reddit wonder if he’s as good a photographer as he claims. Reddit user Shelbysgirl wrote “Ed’s photography skills are Sears catalog quality. His lighting isn’t the best and his settings on the camera were laughable.” They continued to explain that Ed was not a good teacher for Liz and that he had not taught her real photography techniques. Instead, he just showed her his favorite setting on the camera, which anyone could have done.

Other fans felt Ed was just doing photography on the sidelines to get more alone time with younger women. Reddit user Bessa100 commented “The only way for him to interact with attractive women AND be in a position of control temporarily.” Many fans also pointed out that Ed had photos of his models hanging all over his house and bedroom, which rubbed them the wrong way. Commenters weren’t convinced that Ed was truly in love with the art of photography, but rather with the people he can interact with by participating in it.

In terms of 90 day fiance general skills of the star, fans agreed that Ed simply had good equipment, which did not equate to being a professional photographer. Many Redditors criticized Ed’s lighting, which is one of the most fundamental elements of photography. They also agreed that the few photography gigs Ed had booked weren’t very hard to find. As for Big Ed, 90 day fiance fans are never shy about holding back their true opinions.

Source: Shelbysgirl/Reddit

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