3 tips for the struggling photographer

It’s not easy and if it was, everyone would. You have to keep telling yourself this because it is true and you are entitled to some grace as you grow older. These 3 tips help me keep going and I share them with you!

Here are three tips:

The video will explain in detail how I use each tip, but here’s a simplified breakdown.

  1. You will have doubts about your talent and why not book enough. This is normal and from personal experience I have heard that the greatest celebrity suffers from the same doubts. You will have tough days and a simple 10 point list is what gets me through the tough days. On this list, I’m going to make a list of things that I’m proud of.

    Sometimes the heart and the mind can take over, and it’s a mad rush. The facts will never change, and I’m referring to a small list of accomplishments that get me through tough times. What’s on my list? Watch the video to see what makes the list, but I really hope you practice this method.

  2. Point out the strengths of other photographers. You’d be surprised how many people miss the obvious, and your kind words might keep them from giving up. You would also be surprised how many people don’t know their strengths because it hasn’t been reported to them. I shared a personal story that helped me grow and recognize my mistake.

    This is vital because they will do the same for you. Once you have formed a relationship with someone, you can also draw their attention to areas that need improvement. He develops an honest relationship and that’s what helps us thrive. They will do it for you and you will do it for them.

  3. Cheer on people and do it with big volume! It’s important to build a tribe and people need the same cheers that you and I need. It builds relationships and they will encourage us again. Surround yourself with friends and family who encourage you, help you stand up, and promote you. I use a method called Promote, Demote, or Fire, and I discuss this a bit more in the video. The first row in your life is filled with the greatest people and your greatest enemies. Sometimes a family member or close friend can put you down. It’s our job to encourage our friends, to drown the enemies. They will do the same with us.

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