20 beekeepers in training follow the Ministry’s workshop

20 people are about to become beekeepers after attending a five-day workshop courtesy of the Regional Administration North Division, Apiary Section of the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands and Fisheries.

In a updatethe ministry said the workshops took place between June 27 and July 21, 2022, following which 20 participants received their certificates of achievement.

The ministry said that during the five-day interactive program, participants learned the technical and practical aspects of beekeeping.

They were also built on 13 topics on African Beekeeping (AHB) such as:

1. History of beekeeping in T&T

2. Types of bees in T&T

3. Social organization of bees in a hive

4. Life cycle of bees

5. Hive Components and Costs

6. Beekeeping materials and equipment

7. Extraction

8. Honey and value-added products

9. AIP – Agricultural Incentives

10. Beekeeping as a business

11. Trinidad and Tobago Beekeeping and Bee Products Act (suitability of site, apiary number, etc.)

12. Basic and Seasonal Management of Africanized Bees

13. The practical sessions included:

  • Frame building
  • Wax foundation coating
  • Chassis wiring
  • Hive monitoring
  • Remove superframes for extraction
  • Honey Extraction
  • Process from extraction to bottling and sale to members of the public
  • Crystallization of honey

The ministry said another beekeeping training course is expected to be scheduled in the near future.

Those interested can therefore contact the Northern Regional Administration Division (RAN) at 663-4774 for more information.

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